Prelude to a Farmers' Market animated short, 2019

Montage animated short, 2014

Watch animated short, 2013


Cat and Duck (co-director with Clive Hillsdon 2001)
​​​​​​​Ballad of the Help Desk (2005)
Smallish Hooves (music video 2009)
Tease Me (music video 2010)
You Erase Me (music video 2010)
Hurry Up (music video 2010)
Remember (music video 2010)
Pinkening (music video 2010)
Been Waiting (music video 2011)
Reverse Charge (music video 2011)
One Day (music video 2012)
Factory of Nonessentials (music video 2013)
Watch (2013)
Montage (2014)
Lines (music video, co-director with Monica Gallab 2017)
Prelude to a Farmers’ Market (2019)
Giddy Up! (in production)
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